Sheriff sets record straight on finding Casey Hathaway


NEW BERN, NC (WCTI) — Ever since authorities found 3-year-old Casey Hathaway in the woods, speculation and rumors as to how he ended up there have run rampant.

Some people want to know how a child could survive those frigid temperatures for three days, and some believe Casey wasn’t lost, but instead abducted and later placed in the woods.

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Craven County Sheriff Chip Hughes wants to set the record straight. “Everybody’s got a theory about what took place, and how there is no way this child could have survived,” said Sheriff Hughes.

Sheriff Hughes said it was by the grace of God that Casey did survive. After news spread that Casey had been located, people started asking questions. Was Casey really in the woods the whole time? Or did someone place him there out of fear of being caught?

Sheriff Hughes addressed those rumors as well. “The notion that he was sitting in a house or a vehicle for two days and put out there a couple of hours before we found him is absolutely not true. His core temperature was very low, his fingers and all had a bit of frost bite, “said Sheriff Hughes. “A lot of it, according to what medical was telling us, was conducive for him being out in the elements for an extended period of time.”

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