HOT DEMAND: Winter calls for increase in firewood sales


LELAND, NC (WWAY) — As the Cape Fear braces for colder temperatures, firewood distributors are bustling with business.

Leland Firewood co-owner Jalen Brown says he’s been making deliveries all morning.

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If you’re looking for wood, Brown says hard woods burn longer and are much hotter than soft woods like pine or cedar.

As meteorologists forecast late night temperatures below freezing this week, Brown says some customers are stacking up wood and checking their propane gas supply.

“There’s definitely people who use propane and firewood,” Brown said. “You find our firewood sales with families who grew up using firewood or families that just embrace the whole firewood burning.”

Brown says winter sales are double that of spring and summer. He adds, however, the clientele is different.

Right now, customers are looking to warm their homes rather than heat up the grill.