Company no longer seeking permit for methyl bromide fumigation in Delco

Malec Brothers Transport Fumigation Facility wants an air permit to use 140 tons of methyl bromide to fumigate export logs. (Photo: WWAY)

COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Malec Brothers Transport, LLC has formally withdrawn its application for an air permit for the use of methyl bromide for log fumigation at its Delco location, according to the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality’s Division of Air Quality.

This application provided for clear regulation of the use of methyl bromide for log fumigation.

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The Division of Air Quality (DAQ) tells us that it is moving forward with its rule-making effort regarding the pollutant.

In spring 2018, Malec Brothers Transport applied for the air quality permit in reference to its Fumigation Facility. The permit was a request to permit to use of 140 tons of methyl bromide to fumigate export logs.

A public hearing on the permit led to a crowded Acme-Delco School with neighbors irate over the application and concerns that the chemical posed a danger to the public.

DAQ officials say they are continuing to work on a permanent rule with the guidance of the Secretaries’ Science Advisory Board and through the Environmental Management Commission regarding the regulation and determining the actual toxic impacts of methyl bromide.

“Despite the Malec withdrawal, the use of this hazardous air pollutant is a matter of public concern,” said Sharon Martin with the DAQ.

The company has opted to prepare logs for shipment at that site using debarking methods according to Martin.

DAQ inspectors have visited the site and determined that an air permit is not required for that activity.

WWAY has reached out to Malec Brothers Transportation offcials. We have not heard back.