Parents want answers after ‘Columbine-style’ plot uncovered at NC school


SCOTLAND COUNTY, NC (WPDE) — It’s been 20 years, but the word Columbine still brings up painful and scary memories for parents and students alike.

It wasn’t your average Tuesday night at Carver Middle School in Scotland County. The media center was full of angry parents, raising hands and raising tough questions. They said when it comes to keeping them in the loop about school safety, someone dropped the ball.

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“I was shocked,” said parent Toni Stewart. “I was angry because of how I received the information.”

Administrators said it was last Thursday afternoon when they learned of what the Scotland County Sheriff’s Office is calling a “Columbine-style” plot. Authorities said as many as six students could be charged.

Parents want to know why they weren’t informed when officials learned of it.

“I feel like the school should have let the parents know– not on social media,” Stewart said.

The school’s principal and resource officer were on hand trying to reassure parents. Noticeably absent: anyone from the Scotland County Sheriff’s Office.

“Someone from the Sheriff’s department should have been here,” Stewart said. “The sheriff himself, the lead investigator, someone.”

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