NC man to have book launched to International Space Station


DURHAM, NC (WNCN) — A Durham man is about to have an experience that’s out of this world. He wrote a children’s book that is headed for outer space.

Houston Kidd didn’t set out to be an author. He joined the Navy and ultimately became a Navy recruiter, but science has always fascinated him.

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“I’ve loved understanding anything and everything around us — why it works, how it works,” he explained.

When he saw a documentary about a tiny animal called the water bear, he was intrigued.

“A water bear is a microscopic creature that can survive extreme stressors such as radiation. They can live in the Antarctic. They can even survive in outer space,” he said. “Children would love to learn about this. Children already love superheroes, and this is essentially a superhero, but it’s real.”

So, he decided to write a book; a fun factual story. He worked with a UNC biologist to make sure of that. Kidd has hosted some book signings, and a few readings in the area, but his book is about to go a lot farther.

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