Surf City elects to proactively tackle sand concerns

Surf City Dunes January 2019 (Photo: Town of Surf City/Facebook)

SURF CITY (WWAY NEWS)- The Town elected Friday to move forward ‘as rapidly’ as possible in addressing sand issues on the beach strand, based upon the results received on the imminent critical areas cited by FEMA, according to Allan Libby, Director of Tourism and Public Information.

Sand will be hauled to those ‘imminent critical areas,’ as designated by FEMA. Those not recognized as critical will receive a sand push.

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“We feel that by moving forward with these proactive measures, this will give all property owners the protection they need, as we work through the process of moving forward with our private beach nourishment project,” said Ashley Loftis, Surf City Town Manager.

The town began to gather bids from local contractors on Friday. As soon as the contract is agreed upon, hauling and pushing is to begin.