Boys recite Pledge of Allegiance next to flag outside NC fire house

A photo of two boys who stopped to recite the Pledge of Allegiance as the U.S. flag was raised at the Roseboro Fire Department is going viral. (Photo: Roseboro Fire Department)

Ingram told CBS News that she was at work when she started receiving notifications about her son and nephew. She admitted to being initially worried, but then that turned into pure joy once she realized what the attention was for.

“I started crying,” Ingram told CBS News. “It made my day.”

Ingram said she’s “very proud” of them and both boys “can hold a conversation like they’re 21 years old.”

They will also be rewarded for their good behavior, Ingram said.

“I plan on taking them to an arcade because they like playing video games,” she said. “That’s on my to-do list.”