154 years since the fall of Fort Anderson


BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Saturday marked the 154th anniversary of the fall of Fort Anderson. Visitors got the chance to explore the ins and outs of the Cape Fear Defense system.

Historians demonstrated why and how the fort was created and explained some of the main uses of the fort aside from defense.

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Blockade runners were seagoing steam ships used to get through the union blockade. Fort Anderson was used a main quarantine station for the Cape Fear River for blockade runners.

“What we’re finding out from research is that there were fewer and fewer blockade runners going directly to Wilmington,” said Site Manager Jim McKee. “Most of them were stopping here , sitting in quarantine, unloading their cargo, refueling, loading up cargo and going right back out.”

Visitors learned how to make gabions in infantry, how steam engines work, and why this was a quarantine station.

McKee says, since Hurricane Florence, historical features are being revealed daily across the site.