Locals meet to watch and discuss short documentaries about immigrants

Locals gather to discuss documentary "Becoming American" (Photo: Kate Cornell)

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A six-week project put together by the Cape Fear Museum is about half way finished.

Each Sunday, locals meet to watch and discuss short documentaries about immigrants from different countries and their struggles and successes.

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The Cape Fear Museum and New Hanover Public Library are creating a comfortable environment to discuss an important contemporary matter that some people find awkward to talk about. The target issue is immigration.

Sunday, the two organizations held their third of six Sunday afternoon documentary viewings from a series called “Becoming American.” The films are followed with discussions led by Dr. Jan Davidson, the Cape Fear Museum Historian.

“The Becoming American Film series asks you to look at a range of times and immigrant experiences and think about what immigrants have contributed to American society and also about some of the challenges that we face with dealing with immigration,” explained Dr. Davidson.

This week’s film and discussion was specifically about Nigerian immigrants and how they react and adjust to living in The United States.

Samira Davis, one of the participants is a first generation American born to a Kenyan and English immigrant, and she is particularly grateful for these discussions.

“I think when we view one another as humans, we will come a lot further than when we view each other as stereotypes so I think events like these are fantastic because they really spread awareness and bring compassion for what other people go through,” said Davis.

There are three more Sunday viewings and discussions to attend.