Tips from FEMA on how to keep your home safe when temperatures drop


BURGAW, NC (WWAY) —¬†As we get ready for a chilly night ahead, and after some snow this morning, FEMA wants everyone to stay safe.

With so many people living in FEMA trailers, there are precautions to take.

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After a surprise coating of snow, and with temperatures lingering around freezing, some feel lucky to even have heat. For one woman, it came just in time.

“When we first moved in, the heat was not working, so there had been problems with other FEMA trailers here,” Fran McDuffie said. “They’ve been good about responding to any kind of problems that we’ve had.”

McDuffie just moved into her FEMA trailer a few weeks ago. But as the cold weather comes, so do the dangers with heating systems.

“They asked us if we wanted to get space heaters and was like, ‘No.’ Because I didn’t feel like that were safe,” she said.” “I just feel like space heaters are dangerous. There’s just the potential for fire.”

With so many hurricane survivors spending the winter in FEMA trailers, FEMA is urging them to let their faucets drip and to plug in their heat tape to prevent frozen pipes during the extreme cold.

For residents like McDuffie, she is grateful for everything FEMA has done to keep she and her family safe this winter.

“When we moved in, they showed you everything, what they expect you to do, how they want you to keep it,” she said. “They told us if we have any problems, we’re not to deal with it. We’re to call the maintenance and they’ll get somebody out here.”

McDuffie says she feels much safer with a different heating system instead of having to rely on space heaters.