Pollen showing early signs of spring season


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Nine days away from saying “goodbye” to winter!

Spring teases are in the air from warmer temperatures to pollen.

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“The biggest annoyance is all the yellow dust that’s all over my car which I noticed this morning,” said Wilmington resident Shelley Musleh.

Like many people across the Cape Fear, Musleh is starting to see early signs of spring.

But family nurse practitioner Anna Caitlin Paylor says this is just the beginning, and some allergies can lead to something more.

“For years and years, [people] can have really bad allergies, but then it turns into a chest cold, but in reality it’s asthma triggered by other allergies,” said Paylor.

Paylor says those who have never had allergies are not immune.

“There is adult onset asthma,” said Paylor. “You can be fine your whole life and for some reason you develop it as an adult.”

Winter isn’t over just yet and colds are still possible but there is a difference between the two.

“Same symptoms of the runny nose and the cough but a lot of times if its related to allergies you’ll have nasal stuffiness, very itchy eyes and the sore throat with nasal drainage down the back of your throat,” said Paylor.

Paylor suggests taking an over the counter antihistamine like Benadryl, but Musleh says she takes a natural approach to reducing allergies for her family.

“If you eat a tablespoon of local honey everyday and local meaning really almost specific to your neighborhood, because those bees are collecting the pollen from that neighborhood, it helps your body build up an immunity or a better immunal response,” said Musleh.