EyeCon holds its final One Tree Hill hurrah


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) – One Tree Hill has been off air for almost seven years, but it hasn’t stopped touching the lives of people from Wilmington all over the world.

One Tree Hill was shot right in our backyard, and took place in the fictional town “Tree Hill” in North Carolina. If you ask any Wilmington local, they’ll say it feels like they’re watching their own home town come to life.

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“Growing up here I remember traveling for a while. I’d turn on One Tree Hill and I’d feel like I was right at home, historic district is just a great representation of Wilmington in general,” said Miranda Katnic, a local fan.

“The show was my childhood I grew up with it. They were young adults when I was a young adult,” said Savanna Stiles, another fan.

Fans had the opportunity to meet some of the stars, buy One Tree Hill merchandise and reminisce on what the show meant to them.

Convention goers from all over were not going to miss this years event.

“I traveled over here from Australia by myself. I didn’t know anyone and I met two girls from here and we became friends and we’ve been back, this is our third time,” said Jodie Aylmer, a not so local fan.

It’s a special year for the convention – when EyeCon heard that Wilmington had suffered from Florence, they stepped in to help out.

“EyeCon teamed up with a lot of local businesses and we created little passports so folks can go to different stores and they would get a sticker on their passport and it goes to the theme of the show so they’re not only getting a souvenir but they’re bringing revenue back into the city,” said Joshua Reid Davis, EyeCon’s host.

The show served as much more than 30 minutes of weekly entertainment for some people.

“It helped me through a very tough time in my life I went through a separation and it helped me through. It made me realize my worth,” Aylmer added.

“One Tree Hill is changing lives every day even though it’s been off air for over 5 years and this show is gonna continue to be one of the best shows made in television history,” said Connor Kerkowski, one of EyeCon’s curators.

Wilmington is EyeCon’s home away from home, and they will miss holding conventions in this special place.