To incorporate or not? Hampstead residents start opposition group


HAMPSTEAD, NC (WWAY) —┬áThe question swirling around Hampstead lately is whether they should be incorporated or not. One group that is opposed to the incorporation call themselves Save Our Community.

Save Our Community was actually started years ago when Hampstead tried to become incorporated before. Now they are trying to be a voice for residents who want to keep Hampstead the way it is.

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“It looks like they have the solution and they’re looking for the problem,” Stratton Lobdell.

Lobdell says that’s how a lot of Hampstead residents feel about incorporation.

“The reasons against incorporation are much stronger than the reasons for, but the people who moved here, moved here because they didn’t want to be inside a town that has taxes and a mayor and a city council,” Lobdell said.

Lobdell and others bringing it back now because they think there is not a problem now, so people shouldn’t try to fix it. The group pushing for incorporation wants Hampstead to have its say in future growth and planning, as well as its own city-based services.

“The things that they say they want to provide to us and they want for an incorporated Hampstead aren’t issues right now,” Lobdell said. “We have three or four different private trash collection companies.”

Other things the group does not want to see change are taxes and government regulation. In the long run, Lobdell says the group wants to be a voice for Hampstead.

“Save Our Community group wants to put Hampstead on the map for Burgaw,” he said. “We’re more than half of the tax base but right now, we’re not represented.”

The group’s first meeting will be on Tuesday at 7 p.m at Nineteen restaurant. Lobdell says they will be talking about their concerns and next steps.

The group pushing to incorporate Hampstead will meet on April 23.