Wake N Bake clears hurdle to serve alcohol-infused donuts


CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) — Wake N Bake Donuts has received the green light to start serving booze with their sugary treats.

At a town council meeting Monday, Carolina Beach approved a conditional use permit for Wake N Bake Donuts to serve alcohol at its 1401 North Lake Park Blvd location.

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The shop plans to use alcohol in making donuts as well as pair it with their fried dough.

“We intend to work with local breweries and distilleries to cross promote their products with a very specific pairing, and we intend on being able to provide this to our of site event customers as well,” Danny Tangredi told the town.

No word yet on when the alcohol-infused donuts will officially be added to the menu.

“It’s a growing trend kind of fun and funky,” Tangredi said, “but overall we’re a donut shop. We don’t ever intend to be a donut shop, but this is a part of the industry.”

Tangredi says the shop will now send a request to the ABC commission for requirements and regulations they must meet to sell alcohol and alcoholic flavored foods. Wake N Bake has been featured on The Cooking Channel, and was voted Best Donut Shop in North Carolina by BuzzFeed.