How UNCW breaks down cyber security with new program


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — After WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange was arrested Thursday on charges in Great Britain and the US, WWAY talked to one university who has ramped up its cyber security. They say breaches like this could happen to anyone.

The director of the Center for Cyber Defense Education at UNCW says cyber security was an issue even before WikiLeaks.

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Ulku Clark helped create a Cyber Defense minor for students.

She says they have been adding classes to the program from how to protect yourself to how to break down the work of hackers.

“Cyber security has been an issue for awhile,” Clark said. “But most people were like, ‘Well it’s something going on over there.’ But now it’s kind of started to take over. The government is all of a sudden like, ‘Hey, our classified information is out there. We don’t want that.'”

Clark says everyone is exposed to cyber security breaches, but we often only hear about high-level targets.

She says the program at UNCW has been years in the making.