NC pollen counts hit peaks for season at ‘very high’ levels

Pollen on car (Photo: WWAY)

RALEIGH, NC (WNCN) — Since the rains in central North Carolina stopped earlier this week, the pollen is back in force, with levels reaching up to 2,338 grains per cubic meter in parts of Raleigh.

A state agency that tracks pollen counts in the Raleigh area said the count Thursday was “very high” with 2,338 grains per cubic meter.

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Triangle AJ Ware got video of pollen floating and piling up in the shallow areas of Jordan Lake along N.C. Highway 64 on Thursday.

“You said pollen count would be high! This is Jordan lake off Hwy 64 this morning,” Ware said with his video.

The high pollen count was coming from trees and actually peaked on Wednesday at 3,277 grains per cubic meter, although levels only fell a small bit on Thursday.

The trees producing the pollen this week are oak, sweet gum, pine, and mulberry.

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