RESIDE Disaster Relief Shelter holds ribbon cutting ceremony


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) —┬áIt’s a debut that’s been a long time coming. The RESIDE Disaster Relief Shelter has been unveiled at a community garden in Wilmington.

The shelter, located on 4th and Castle streets, was originally supposed to be displayed in downtown Wilmington for parking day in September 2018.

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Ironically, Hurricane Florence delayed the debut of the shelter which was designed for post-hurricane relief.

With the help of many volunteers and organizations, they hosted the ribbon cutting Friday afternoon.

“The project is designed to be a shelter that can be donated for post-hurricane relief,” Charlotte Townes said. “So the aspects that we featured are that it’s affordable, it ships easily on pallets, it’s essentially a roof over your head to keep the rain out and it’s a floor to sleep on.”

The shelter will be used as a garden shed and produce stand for the community.