Columbus County republicans rally for Sheriff Jody Greene


WHITEVILLE, NC (WWAY) — “I’m not being treated fairly here by the democrats,” Sheriff Jody Greene said.

Columbus County residents painted Whiteville green at a weekend rally in support of sheriff Jody Greene.

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He has received a bit of backlash since being sworn in due to his home address.

Some republicans think that it’s a matter of corruption in the democratic party.

Over 70 democrats have changed their registration to republican in the last week alone to support Greene.

Beth Harper is a life long friend of the Greene family. She says it’s “obvious” why democrats should make the switch.

“I’ll be honest I was one, up until a couple years ago,” Harper said. “Then I changed to unaffiliated and I was one of the 70 that they spoke about that changed this week.”

Eric Thompson is another dedicated Greene supporter who says that throughout this process, people have been thinking with their hearts, rather than their heads.

“Court cases are not to be based on opinion,” Thompson said. “They’re supposed to be based on facts. When you have facts presented, after facts presented, after facts presented and you choose to ignore them, there’s no way our judicial system can work. There’s no way that our election system can work.”

Greene agrees with Thompson saying that this is a matter of opinion, rather than facts.

In his mind, the democrats of Columbus County don’t want him in office due to his political views.

But Franklin Thurman, the North Carolina democratic chair insists that this is not anything personal toward Greene or his views. It is purely a technicality because Greene has not provided proof that he lives in Columbus County.

“It’s nothing against Jody,” Thurman said. “It’s doing what’s right by the law. You must live here one year before you can run for the sheriff. He lived in Robeson County and Myrtle Beach.

This is now in the hands of the state board in Raleigh, and Greene is feeling confident about this process.

“We’re not giving up. I won the election. I’m the sheriff of Columbus County, and we’re gonna prevail,” Greene said.