#UNSOLVED: Man shot during storm, power outages in Wallace


WALLACE, NC (WWAY) — The Wallace Police Department is looking for answers in a murder that happened in the middle of a power outage from a strong storm.

Michael Lamb, 25 was shot and killed at a convenience store in Wallace on October 4, 2015.

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A day that started with a strong storm in Wallace turned into a storm of chaos for the Wallace Police Department and a nightmare for Rosetta Lamb.

“I was in the bed asleep and my son got a phone call after 11 p.m.,” Lamb said.

Lamb said, earlier that night, her nephew Michael Lamb had gone to 6215 South NC 41 Highway, the Fast Lane Convenience Store, and saw a Duke Energy employee working on the power line.

“Standing on the back of his truck working on the power line right here and Michael had parked his girlfriend’s car right over there and Michael was just standing here carrying on a general conversation with him,” Lamb said.

That was the last conversation Michael ever had. Detective Eric Short with Wallace Police said Michael was shot around 10:30 p.m.

“Witnesses say that an unknown black male approached our victim,” Short said.

He says the suspect shot Michael twice.

“The Duke Energy Employee seeked cover, so he wasn’t able to see anything,” Short said.

Rosetta said she drove to the scene as soon as she heard.

“I’ll never forget it and to see the puddle of blood on the ground where my nephew was laying dying and he’s already in route to the hospital,” Lamb said. “There’s nothing you can do but ask, why?”

Rosetta said Michael was well known in the community.

“He was fun, very charming, outgoing, a people person. Never met a stranger.”

She said she does not know why someone would do this, but she said it was not random.

“Oh it was definitely targeted. I mean it was execution style.”

Detective Short said they are following several leads in the case. He said they learned early in the case of a white Impala. He also said something happened two days earlier that could be connected.

“On about the second of October, 2015, there were some vehicle break-ins in Pender County which some items were stolen that could be of interest in this case,” Short said.

He said they are also looking into a possible motive.

“Investigators can’t rule out at this time that money was a possible motive in this homicide,” Short said. “Investigators know that he had a settlement check.”

There is something that made this investigation a little more complicated.

“There was another homicide that happened that morning,” Short said. “The state Bureau of Investigation was here assisting the first murder. Resources were really exhausted for the day.”

“And I had said to him, I said, ‘You be careful. Did you hear about that first murder?’ He was like, ‘Yeah. That was my close friend, but I’m not worried about nothing,'” Lamb said.

Investigators initially thought the two murders were connected, but now say they are not.

Now, almost four years have passed and his family just wants answers especially for Michael’s daughters.

“How do you explain to a child that you’re never going to see your father again?”

She hopes one day they all get to see justice.

“I want justice served for the way it was so brutal,” Lamb said. “I mean it was just.. they meant to take life, so I want justice served and whoever did this, or whoever planned it, whoever was the person or people in the car, the getaway car, I want them all. I want justice for Michael.”

Wallace Police Chief James Crayton said Geovoney West was convicted of killing his uncle, Walter West, that morning in the first homicide.

If you know anything about Lamb’s murder, please call the Wallace Police Department.