Christina Koch tweets about seeing NC coast from space for first time

(Photo: Christina H Koch)

It is a magnificent sight.

Christina Koch, the Jacksonville native and NC State graduate currently working at the International Space Station, said she saw the NC coast from space for the first time on Monday.

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On her Twitter account she wrote “It took my breath away as it came into focus. My first glimpse of coastal North Carolina from space. It’s a special thing to see from above the place where you grew up — the ocean that first inspired my fascination with things that make me feel small & planted the seed to explore.”

Koch is part of a group of Americans at the ISS. Koch will be there for 11 months, becoming the first woman to be in space that long and just coming up short of the overall American record by Scott Kelly (340 days).

Koch blasted off with Nick Hague and Russia’s Alexei Ovchinin on March 14.