Bee swarms near your home? Here’s what to do

(Photo: Honey Bee Swarm Removal)

WHITEVILLE, NC (WWAY) — Spring time in our area means you’ll be seeing blooming blossoms and bees. It’s peak honeybee season right now, so bee swarms showing up around your home are not uncommon.

Experts say honey bees are responsible for every third bite of food we consume and contribute $15 billion to American agriculture each year.

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With a declining honey bee population, experts want you to report a swarm of bees to save them rather than killing them.

The City of Whiteville became a Bee City USA in 2016 to raise awareness of how vital pollinators are to life, and the challenges all pollinators face.

April and May are prime swarm season.

Honey bees travel in swarms because they can’t survive on their own. The way they build their homes, honey bee swarms are dangerously exposed to rain, cold, and a myriad of predators.

If you see a swarm, you should contact a beekeeper, a local beekeeping chapter, or a local Cooperative Extension Service, before it changes locations, so a beekeeper can attempt to rescue the bees.

You can call someone from the national directory of willing swarm catchers to help save the honey bees.