Showers near Bahamas has chance of becoming tropical system


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The Atlantic hurricane season doesn’t officially start until June 1, but some activity is brewing ahead of schedule.

An area of disturbed weather near the Bahamas has a slight chance of developing into a tropical depression or storm over the next 5 days – the National Hurricane Center estimates that chance at 20 percent.

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According to the NHC, “little development is expected during the next couple of days as the system moves generally northwestward” toward Florida.


After that, “some slow development is possible” as the disturbance turns away from the coast and moves over the western Atlantic.

It’s unlikely for eastern North Carolina to experience any direct effects from this early-season system, regardless of development.

But a secondary influence will be noticeable in the form of increased humidity by the end of the week and over the weekend.

That humidity will help to fuel scattered storms in southeastern North Carolina as early as Friday, more likely over the weekend as a cold front moves in from the west to help spark the storms.

Now is the time to have a plan, review your insurance policy, and begin creating your hurricane kit for the upcoming season. It’s always better to prepare now than have to prepare later.

Early season tropical systems have happened before, in fact during the last 10 Atlantic Tropical Seasons there have been 8 tropical systems (seven named storms). Only one became a hurricane (Alex in January of 2016), while the other six only made it to tropical storm strength, and another only became a tropical depression. Here’s a breakdown over the last 10 seasons:
2018 Tropical Storm Alberto 25-31 May
2017 Tropical Storm Arlene 19-21 April
2016 Hurricane Alex 12-15 Jan
         Tropical Storm Bonnie 27 May – 4 June
2015 Tropical Storm Ana 8-11 May
2014 N/A
2013 N/A
2012 Tropical Storm Alberto 19-22 May
         Tropical Storm Beryl May 26-30 May
2011 N/A
2010 N/A
2009 Tropical Depression #1 28-29 May