Couple says American Airlines employee called cop ‘a killer’


MEMPHIS, TN (WREG) — American Airlines is in the spotlight because of an incident that was partly caught on video a couple of weeks ago. It happened when a New Jersey family’s flight got redirected to Memphis International Airport.

The family consists of Theresia Tirado, her husband, and their two sons. She says one of their bags didn’t make it to the airport. So they went to customer service and asked an attendant where it was. She claims he wasn’t helpful.

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“And my husband said you’re basically useless to us,” Tirado said.

She says the attendant got angry and, for some reason, started ranting about how his children are doctors and lawyers. That’s when Tirado’s husband told him he was a police officer.

“And he said, ‘You’re a cop. That means you’re a killer.”

Her husband started recording after that. In the video, you hear the attendant say, “He might kill me.”

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