Stamp Out Hunger food drive aims to provide healthy options for neighbors in need


BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — There are thousands of people across the Cape Fear who are food insecure or lack having access to adequate nutritional food.

That’s why local groups are hopeful that on Saturday, May 11, the annual Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive, the largest one-day food drive in the nation, will help replenishing depleted supplies in area food pantries.

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“The Brunswick Wellness Coalition launched the Give Healthy campaign in November to encourage folks to donate healthy items to our food pantries so everyone in our communities have access to healthy foods,” said Lindsay Maher with the Brunswick Wellness Coalition.

There’s also a strong push to encourage people to donate healthy food items and not just outdated canned goods or unhealthy food products in their pantries. There’s a particular need for food items like the following:

  • Fruit cups & vegetable juice
  • Whole grains, flours and oats
  • Dried spices and spice mixes without salt
  • Canned beans poultry and seafood
  • Pouch-sized nuts/seeds and natural nut berries

Prior to the Stamp out Hunger Food Drive, the Cape Fear Food Council and the Brunswick Wellness Coalition are teaming up with the United States Post Office to have paper bags left in mailboxes in which residents can fill with donations.

On May 11, leave your bag of donated items by your mailbox and your letter carrier will collect it.

“We are still seeing a response and recovery from Hurricane Florence,” said Beth Gaglione of Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina. “We know there are about 70,000 people in our region who are food insecure or who were already food insecure before the storm.”

She says these numbers have increased since the storm and include a higher than normal number of families and seniors.

“Its an unknown about why that is the case but we know of several who were already living on the edge and were already food insecure they have maybe been displaced and are working with or living with other family members so the need is there,” Gaglione added.

In 2018, the food drive in our area received over 350,000 meals. For more information, call 910-444-1872. You can learn more about this initiative by going to www. or