TSA reminds travelers what not to pack when flying


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — It’s that time of year when the TSA lines start filling up with summer travelers. Sometimes we need a reminder about what we can and cannot bring with us on the plane.

TSA at Wilmington International Airport laid out some of the things passengers have tried to bring through TSA at their airport.

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From simple things like shaving cream to electric tools, airport officials want to remind people what is okay for your carry on and what needs to stay home or be checked through baggage claim.

Deputy Airport Director Gary Broughton says they also run into another big issue at ILM.

“Passengers not arriving in time to make their flights,” Broughton said. “We certainly don’t want to see that. We know this is Wilmington and you’re used to the hometown feel, and we certainly want to retain that hometown feel, but with that comes growth. We certainly want to increase the air service that our community deserves to have.”

A TSA spokeswoman at ILM says most of the items they displayed are usually surrendered to TSA, but if a passenger tries to bring a firearm, that could result in fines or other charges.

Here’s a collection of the most unusual prohibited items that were found by TSA in 2018.