Petition pushes for grocery store to replace Everybody’s Supermarket


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) —┬áThe one year anniversary of the fire that burned down Everybody’s Supermarket has come and gone, but that land is still just an empty parking lot.

With the support of the community, one woman is trying to change that.

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Cameron Management bought the property back in November. A few weeks ago, a spokesman said they were not sure about any plans for the land.

Kelsi Arcos started a petition to the City of Wilmington and Cameron Management asking them to put a grocery store back in the plaza.

Arcos emphasized how important it was that the community around Greenfield has a grocery store within walking distance, calling the area a food desert right now.

“I believe that if there’s more economic development and businesses here, we’re going to have jobs,” Arcos said. “We’re going to have people wanting to come to this area to spend their money and enjoy their time here in Greenfield. Greenfield deserves the dignity of having economic development.”

Arcos says she plans to share the petition and proposal at Tuesday’s city council meeting.

County Commissioner Jonathan Barfield has also said he plans to write to Cameron Management to ask them for a grocery store or restaurant.