Boiling Spring Lakes resident wins lengthy case against the city


BOILING SPRING LAKES,NC (WWAY) — One Boiling Spring Lakes resident is finally closing the books on a lengthy legal battle with the city. Ed Wilkie is now just waiting on his check.

Just a few weeks ago, in the last round of a series of court appearances, the Court of Appeals ruled in favor of Wilkie.

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Back in 2014, Wilkie sued the city after a project to raise the levels of spring lake flooded part of their property for more than a year. Wilkie won the case, but the city appealed. The case went to the Appeals Court, State Supreme Court, back to the Appeals Court and, lastly to a trial court to assess damage.

“The end result is that it cost the tax payers of Boiling Springs Lake over $70,000 and, us, residents got ‘ nothing’,” Wilkie said. “I didn’t want this, but I can’t give my property away.”

Wilkie says, after the city removed the pipe elbows that raised the lake, it left $1,500 worth of damage. He is now waiting on a check for about $2,000 from the Clerk of Superior Courts.

Wilkie encourages residents to stand up for their rights and speak up when things go awry in communities.