Practitioner explains the benefits of acoustic and shock wave therapy


LELAND, NC (WWAY) — A therapy that you might find shocking is making its debut in Cape Fear.

Morgan Campbell is a certified alternative medicine practitioner who uses acoustic and shock wave therapy.

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She just opened an office in Leland.

She explained that more traditional methods like injections or surgery don’t always correct, but rather, conceal problems like cellulite, chronic pain and other musculoskeletal issues.

“It’s a completely non invasive procedure and there’s no downtime to it,” Campbell said. “Patients come in and I normally recommend three to six treatments and they can leave right after their treatments.”

Russell Edgar, one of Campbell’s patients who suffers from knee and shoulder pain, vouched for her.

“It’s a lot better,” Edgar said. “At least 70-80% better than it was considering where I was at with it where I was hobbling around most of the time. I don’t have that anymore. I was having difficulty going up and down stairs, I don’t have that anymore either.”

While it doesn’t sound pleasant, Campbell says a patient will only feel pressure, not pain, during the treatment.

“I find the source of the pain or the issue and treat it directly,” Campbell added.

Edgar said he considered injections and surgery, but he is glad he used this treatment instead.

If you would like more information on shock wave therapy, please contact Morgan Campbell at (910) 540-5252.