North Carolina Maritime Museum opens new exhibit dedicated to Coast Guard


SOUTHPORT, NC (WWAY) — Staff members of the North Carolina Maritime Museum at Southport feel that there has been a “hole” in their content, covering all things maritime.

To compensate for the gap, the museum opened a new exhibit called “The Sea Shall Not Have Them.”

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This exhibit is dedicated to the history of the Coast Guard in the Lower Cape Fear. It highlights the role that they have played over the years.

The museum’s education curator Katy Menne explained her goal for visitors when they come to see this exhibit.

“I really want them to understand fully what the Coast Guard does and how they operate and understand that they have a long running history and they deserve the honor and recognition,” Menne said.

Menne explained that the museum strives to have exhibits that are accessible to all ages and abilities, which is being specifically taken into account with this exhibit.