List of plants that love extreme heat and dry weather


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — It’s been quite awhile since we’ve had some rain and with this heat people are questioning whether their outdoor plants will survive.

WWAY spoke to one area nursery to see which types of plants actually might be able to stand up to all this heat.

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Hope Ciferni from Five Oaks Nursery in Wilmington says quite a few local plants are drought tolerant.

She says these plants do not actually need a lot of water, so they are able to withstand this recent dry heat.

Here’s her list of plants that do well in the weather that wilts the rest of us.

“Palms love it here,” Hope Ciferni said. “They love the sun and they love the sand. Pittosporums do excellent. A lot of the grasses, native grasses, a lot of your yuccas, and butterfly bushes do great. Your crape myrtles that you see all over town. They’re going to be just fine.”

The nursery stresses that planting in this weather is not always the best idea, but if you decide to do it just give the plants some extra attention.