Trial: Murder suspect tested positive for drugs following crash


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The trial of the man accused of crashing into a family’s car and killing a 2-year-old continued Wednesday in New Hanover County. Jonathan Hayes was allegedly high on opioids at the time.

The jury was released just before 5 p.m., but more potential evidence was discussed in the courtroom once they were dismissed, evidence that could be used against Hayes.

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Two scientists and a Wilmington Police officer were called to the witness stand.

The defense tried to argue that Hayes was not high on opioids when he crashed into another vehicle in November 2016, killing 2-year-old Mason Richardson.

The defense argued that Naloxone had no effect on Hayes and the needle from the injection device is what woke him up.

A forensic scientist from a crime lab in Raleigh said Hayes blood tested positive for cocaine, Xanax, and diphenhydramine, which is found in over the counter drugs like Tylenol PM and Benadryl.

After the jury was dismissed, the judge heard testimony from two Wilmington police officers who arrested Hayes in separate incidents for DWI and reckless driving and a woman who says she saw Hayes hit another vehicle and try to run and then bribe her.

The judge decided to allow this testimony, which could be used to show a pattern of similar behavior.

Hayes faces several charges including second degree murder.

The murder trial will continue Thursday.