Downtown Wilmington is buzzing from Ink & Arms Tattoo and Gun Expo

Ink & Arms 2019 (Photo: Kate Cornell)

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wilmington Convention Center is buzzing with excitement this whole weekend at the Ink & Arms Tattoo and Gun Expo.

This expo celebrates the freedom of self-expression and the right to bare arms.

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Dr. Blasphemy is the Master of Ceremonies, he said that the mission of this event is to tattoo as many people as possible, and make sure everybody leaves with a smile.

He feels that Wilmington is a special place to hold this convention.

“You couldn’t pull off this type of show in some of the other cities,” Dr. Blasphemy said. “This wouldn’t work in Baltimore, New York City, Philadelphia, but it works down here in a community that open arm embraces us!”

Blasphemy explained that another goal of the event is to shatter stereotypes about people with tattoos and guns.