Still recovering from floods, Fair Bluff to lose major employer


FAIR BLUFF, NC (WWAY) — A Columbus County town is on the road to losing its only manufacturing plant.

Fair Bluff Mayor Billy Hammond believes the plant is part of the life blood of the community.

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Hammond says the Cornerstone Building Brands site, known as Ply Gem in Fair Bluff, is expected to close the first week of August.

He says vinyl fencing sales have dropped tremendously, putting this company out of business.

Hammond says 60 to 70 people could lose their jobs. It’s a huge hit to a town with only a few hundred residents.

“I just hate that it’s happening at this time,” Hammond said. “After two floods in two years, and you lose your own manufacturing in town, and it’s just tough for the people of the town that’s here and live on fixed income.”

Hammond says the flooding damage from Hurricane Matthew and Hurricane Florence has substantially impacted the town’s income and tax base.

In 2013 state leaders hailed Ply Gem’s plans to create 145 jobs and invest more than $15 million in Fair Bluff over the following three years.