Thalian Hall sells out for screenings of Bolden and Louis

Thalian Hall screens Bolden and Louis (Photo: Kate Cornell)

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — We were on the edge of our seats for 11 years waiting for Bolden to hit the theaters! And last month it finally did. In addition, Thalian Hall screened it followed by Louis on Saturday.

Tickets sold out and every seat was filled for these viewings.

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Bolden takes place in New Orleans, but many scenes were shot on stages throughout Wilmington.

John Cornick is one of the producers of Bolden. He said that there were a ton of moving parts that went into this film.

“We are all very proud and thankful of everyone in the film community here in Wilmington that helped make this project come to life,” Cornick said. “There is a good chance that we probably hired everyone at some point to work on the film over the many years that we were here.”

While the film doesn’t actually take place in Wilmington, there are a few Cape Fear locations that Cornick is sure you will recognize when you see it for yourself!