WDI: Craft beer not be sold at Downtown Sundown Concert Series


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Despite efforts by some local brewers, you will not be seeing any craft beer for now at Wilmington’s Downtown Sundown Concert Series.

Some brewers were disappointed they wouldn’t be able to join in the fun.

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“We’re a part of downtown and we want to be a part of downtown,” Amy Walker, who works at Edward Teach Brewing, said.

While the Downtown Sundown series is bringing everyone together on Friday nights, local craft beer brewers feel left out.

“We just hope that they’ll look and see that it’s good for everybody to bring local beer downtown for the concert series,” Cape Fear Craft Bear Alliance President Jeremy Tomlinson said.

Walker says they were eager to sell their beer at the concert, but their request was denied.

“It is frustrating because we are a part of downtown,” Walker said. “I believe it’s important for local businesses to be a part and not just the big guy. We’re the little guys and we need a little love too.”

Wilmington Downtown Incorporated has hosted the concert for years. WDI President Ed Wolverton says on top of moving to a new spot downtown, there are other elements that go into planning.

“There are also logistical issues such as electricity and lighting and refrigeration,” Wolverton said. “All of these are very inter-related.”

Wolverton says they have worked with craft brewers in the past.

Walker says they had already planned to take care of a lot of these issues on their own. She still thinks there can be a solution.

“A rotation wouldn’t be hard to do,” Walker said. “Maybe it would be a little difficult for those who don’t have the refrigerated trucks and getting it down there. But I think as a community, we would all step up and help each other.”

Wolverton says WDI hopes to work with craft brewers to bring them into the event in the coming years. There will be domestic beer sold at the concert.

He says there are a lot of rules, so it can take time to work things out.