Volunteers look for long lost artifacts at Battle at Forks Road grounds


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — It’s no secret that Wilmington is a historic place, and there is still more to be discovered.

An archaeology non profit organization is working hard to change that.

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154 years later, there are a few artifacts still scattered throughout the grounds of the Battle at Forks Road.

Jon Schleier is the Public Archaeology Corps. executive director.

He and a group of volunteers have been using metal detectors to see what they can uncover.

Every time they find something, they mark the area with a flag.

They’ve come across artifacts from reenactments and the original battle, and there’s only one way to distinguish which is which.

“If you pull something out of the ground that’s been there for 150 years it’s gonna have a good bit of corrosion on it,” Schleier explained. “Reenactors stuff sometimes will still be shiny.”

John Connor is one of the volunteers, he has one mission in mind — “Saving the relics before any kind of industrialization happens.”

Schleier said that this is only the first part of the project, and when he comes back in a month to excavate he is hoping to find even more.

“This leg of the field work was kinda focusing on metal artifacts,” Schleier explained. “We’re hoping to catch some of the stuff that metal detectors won’t pick up on like ceramics, glass, those kind of artifacts.”

Schleier hopes that Cameron Art Museum will take their findings and turn them into an exhibit.