Senior Expo educates seniors and families on healthy living in golden years


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A┬ábig crowd turned out on Thursday for the annual WWAY Senior Expo sponsored by Lower Cape Fear Hospice at Independence Mall, and seniors are not the only ones who benefit from it.

The expo gives loved ones the opportunity to learn more about products and services that allow seniors to get the most out of their golden years, like free health screenings and healthy cooking demonstrations.

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Will Montgomery attended with his father. He said he learned a lot about what he can do for his parents.

“I have a vested interested in that because I love my parents,” Montgomery said. “So whether it’s health or things like assisted living, I’ve learned a great deal already.”

Montgomery said another thing he learned at the expo is that there are a lot of great people in Wilmington who care about our seniors.

Cathy Dor also participated. She said in the first hour alone she learned a lot of new information from just one doctor.

“I didn’t really know about acupuncture, and she explained that a little better to me,” Dor said. “Then there’s some cancer DNA test. I talked to her, and they can just swab the inside of your mouth and try to determine if you’re at risk for cancer. It’s like everything you’ve ever wanted to know medically is all here in one place!”

Dor said the WWAY Senior Expo provides a “wealth of health information” that she had never been able to access anywhere else.