12-year-old girl contracts flesh-eating bacteria while on vacation

Kylei Brown contracted a flesh-eating bacteria while on vacation. (Photo: CNN / WXIN)

INDIANAPOLIS, IN (CNN)– A day at the beach has turned into weeks of pain and agony for an Indiana teenager after she contracted a flesh-eating disease in Florida.

At first 12-year-old Kylei Brown and her family couldn’t figure out just what was going on with her. The family, from Indiana, arrived in Destin earlier this month on vacation.

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After a day spent frolicking on a beach, Kylei woke up with an awful pain in her lower leg.

“Monday, we wake up to begin our day and Kylei wakes up and she has pain in her calf on her right leg,” her mother Michelle Brown told¬†CNN affiliate WKRG.

Everyone just thought it was a charlie horse, Brown said, so the family continued on with their vacation. But the next day Kylei’s pain was even worse. It was so bad she couldn’t even walk.

The family reached out to Kylei’s doctor on the way back to Indiana. The doctor told Brown to take Kylei to the emergency room at Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health, and that’s when the family found out that the infection behind her knee was necrotizing fascitis, a rare flesh-eating disease. It’s fast moving and deadly, and 1 in 3 people who get it die,¬†the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says.