Excessive heat sends multiple people attending festival to hospital for dehydration


SOUTHPORT,NC (WWAY) — Sweltering heat blanketed southeast North Carolina Thursday sending eight people to the hospital for dehydration during the North Carolina’s 4th of July Festival.

The National Weather Serviced issued a heat advisory until 5 p.m. for the potentially dangerous weather conditions including dew points in the 70s, temperatures in the low 90s, and heat index values forecast up to 108 degrees. The Advisory is a warning to those planning to spend long periods of time outdoors.

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“During these episodes of high heat and high heat index, we do have a problem with people getting dehydrated,” Southport Fire Chief Charles Drew said. “Today alone we’ve taken 8 people to the hospital already from dehydration.”

If you’re going to be outside, experts recommend frequent rest breaks in the shade or a/c.

“It’s important that as much as people sweat out in the heat that they stay hydrated and reproduce their electrolytes in their system,” Drew said.

One joyous visitor and her family traveled from Asheboro to enjoy the festival.

“This is my first time and we fell in love with it,” Dahlaa Oldham said.

She says the heat isn’t getting in the way of her fun.

“I love it,” Oldham said. “I love the sun, This is me. I love it, love it, love it. Think about winter and enjoy the summer.”

From the parade to the activities across the city, Oldham says America is well represented.

“It’s real patriotism here,” Oldham said. “They love America.”

Oldham is following officials orders during the celebration by drinking water.