Vendor sells unique craft made of t-shirts at festival


WILMINGTON,NC (WWAY) — One woman with hands that bleeds creativity drew eyes to her display at the Port City Reggae Fest Saturday.

Faustine Davis, owner of Patchwork Parlor, represented Caribbean culture with handmade crafts out of t-shirts.

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Davis says she takes a t-shirt and cuts it into a long spiral of one piece of yarn. Then, she crochets it into koozies, purses, baskets, and Farmers’ Market baskets. She says it takes 4 shirts to make one koozie.

With many experiences at pop-up shops, she says she had to show out with the black, red, yellow and green colored products on Saturday.

“I live love and appreciate the vibration of Reggae music and positive energy,” Davis said. “I thought for sure for at the Reggae Festival that they would be a hit.”

Reggae music also billowed through Greenfield Lake Amphitheater Saturday from the Grammy-award winning “Inner Circle” to Charlotte’s very own “Of Good Nature.”

Comedian Ali Coleman also kept folks laughing through the night.