Excluded from holiday festival, food vendor holds successful school supply drive

'Joe Loves Lobster Rolls' owner Tony Herndon poses with Cherylee Hagge from 'Communities in Schools' with the cash donations they received. (Photo: Facebook)

BOILING SPRING LAKES, NC (WWAY) —¬†¬†After a food vendor was turned away from the Southport 4th of July festival last week due to an electrical issue, he decided to turn things around by holding a school supply drive. And he gives the results an “A+”!

Tony Herndon owns “Joe Loves Lobster Rolls” in Boiling Spring Lakes, and has a food trailer he takes to local events.

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After he spent $10,000 on fresh lobster, he learned he would not be able to set up his trailer at the festival.

He then decided to partner with Communities in Schools, and gave a discount to anyone who brought a school supply or donated cash.

“We were able to collect an entire box of school supplies. We also got $538 in cash for them,” Herndon said. “We sold everything, sold all 300+ pounds, we had to close on Sunday because of it. [We are] very, very appreciative of the community, everyone came out, everyone supported us.”

Herndon says the Southport Chamber of Commerce told him Wednesday that he will get a refund of his $1,000 deposit.