New NC law lets citizens clear out political signs after 30 days


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Tired of political signs all over town well after an election is over? A new law in North Carolina lets citizens take matters into their own hands.

Gov. Roy Cooper’s office today says he signed Senate Bill 220 into law.

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Already under state law, candidates could put campaign signs up along public roads starting 30 days before the start of one-stop voting and had to take them down 10 days after the election.

The new law says if signs are still up on public roads 30 days after that period ends they are abandoned property, and anyone can pick them up and throw them away if they wish.

The law also requires that all polling places allow candidates to place signs at least 36 hours before a site opens for an election, but those signs have to be gone no more than 36 hours after the polling place closes.