Freeman Park to resume sale of daily passes

Freeman Park in Carolina Beach on June 24, 2019. (Photo: Monique Robinson)

CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) — More than three weeks after the Town of Carolina Beach announced they would stop selling day passes to Freeman Park, new changes have been announced.

According to a release from the town, daily access passes for vehicles will now be sold Monday though Friday and can only be purchased at the entrance of the park. Entry to the park on weekends will still be restricted to annual permit holders.

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The release states that intermittent closures of Freeman Park could still be possible based on overcrowding due to limited beach area. The northern areas of Freeman Park remain closed to all vehicular traffic.

The town says until further notice, the following limitations have been set:

  1. Only the following vehicles will be allowed into the park:
      a. Monday-Friday: Vehicles purchasing daily passes, and;
      b. Monday-Sunday: Vehicles with an annual permit permanently affixed to the windshield, and;
      c. Monday-Sunday: Vehicles associated with an existing camping reservation south of the
    closure area (maximum of 2 vehicles per campsite).
  2. Camping will be limited to designated spaces south of the closure area. Campers with
    reservations are urged to call 1-866-330-7275 to verify continued availability.
  3. No vehicles are allowed past marked closures. Anyone driving past a designated closure will be
    issued a citation. Visitors of the park may still walk past closure points.
  4. No vehicle shall operate or park in the tidal zone (wet sand area).
  5. Lifeguards will only patrol areas of Freeman Park where vehicles are allowed.
  6. Intermittent closures are anticipated to occur due to limited beach area and level of patron use.
  7. Pending increased tidal surges, access to Freeman Park may result in additional restrictions and closures.