911 call reveals new information about Wilmington murder

DeAundre Sansbury (Photo: Facebook)

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — After a man was shot and killed Sunday night in Wilmington, a newly released 911 call paints a better picture of the scene.

After 43-year-old DeAundre Sansbury was allegedly shot and killed by 33-year-old Jody Farrow in Wilmington Sunday night, he was found by a friend who then rushed up the road to a gas station to call 911.

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“I have a guy that came in the store and he told me to dial 911 cause his friend got shot in the head,” says the gas station worker, who then puts the friend on the phone.

“I don’t have any service on my phone so I had to leave my house to come to the gas station nearby,” he tells the 911 operator.

After realizing the caller is not with Sansbury, the 911 operator asks how bad his condition is.

“Is he awake?” the 911 Operator asks. “I did not get a pulse,” the caller says. “Is he breathing?” the 911 Operator asks. “No ma’am,” the caller says.

The operator then offers to give the caller CPR instructions before he goes back to the house.

“You don’t have a way to call back once you get there so I can give you CPR instructions?” the 911 operator asks. “Um, honestly I do know CPR, but I honestly think it might be too late for that but I will try it,” the caller says.

Before hanging up, the 911 operator asks the caller if he knows where the shooter is.

“Where’s the person that shot them?” the operator asks. “I don’t know, I have a feeling on who it is, but there’s no one else at my house right now. My roommate’s car is gone, I just got off work,” the caller says.

Sansbury was pronounced dead when crews arrived, and Farrow was arrested by Wilmington Police shortly after. Investigators have not released any other information at this time.

We spoke to family members and friends of Sansbury who told us he was a genuinely loving and caring person, and they are struggling with the news of his death.