Wilmington murder victim worked with suspect, coworkers react


LELAND, NC (WWAY) —┬áNew details have emerged in the weekend murder of a Wilmington man.

The victim and the man accused of killing him both worked at the same restaurant.

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Deaundre Sansbury and Farrow were roommates and worked together at Farmhouse Kitchen in Leland.

The owners could not say enough good things about Sansbury, who was found shot to death Sunday night.

They say they never noticed any problems between the men that would lead to this.

“I was shocked,” Farmhouse Kitchen Co-owner Josephine Tilley said. “He was an amazing, amazing, amazing person. Fun to be with.”

“Unbelievable,” Farmhouse Kitchen Co-owner Thomas Tilley said. “Big heart.”

Those who were close to Deaundre Sansbury, also known as Dre, are still trying to comprehend his death.

“I still can’t believe it,” she said. “That is happened and he’s gone. We’re all still in shock and it’s not fair. It’s not fair.”

“Just shocked,” he said. “Disbelief. Couldn’t believe it.”

The Tilleys own Farmhouse Kitchen. Sansbury was their general manager, but to them, more like family.

Wilmington Police found Sansbury shot and killed Sunday night at his home on Nina Place.

Thomas Tilley says Sansbury was supposed to be at work Monday.

“I wasn’t sure if perhaps he was taking the day off and he forgot to maybe just notify me,” he said. “But really wasn’t concerned at all. Then I think I texted him just before 8 am, ‘Are you okay? Are you running late?’ Then a couple of detective from Wilmington came in just minutes later.”

Sansbury’s roommate and friend Jody Farrow has been charged with his murder.

Farrow also worked at Farmhouse Kitchen. The Tilleys say they absolutely never saw this coming.

“I would’ve never expected this,” Josephine Tilley said. “They were friends. They were good friends.”

“Other than the way friends might typically bicker, but no,” Thomas Tilley said. “Nothing along the lines of this magnitude. No indication whatsoever that there was anything brewing per say.”

The Tilleys say Sansbury will be missed dearly. They say that nobody could ever say a bad thing about him.

“He never was where he was better than anyone else,” she said. “Never. The staff will tell you how much they enjoyed working with him. It was a pleasure to come to work.”

Farmhouse Kitchen closed Monday after they got the news.

Farrow made his first court appearance Tuesday. He is charged with first degree murder and robbery with a dangerous weapon.

He is being held without bond.