Muddle some blueberries and get to mixing, we’re making mocktails

The Blind Elephant, a cozy speakeasy bar in downtown Wilmington. (Photo: The Blind Elephant)

You don’t need alcohol this summer to have a good time, all you need is some fresh ingredients and a glass!

Professional mixologist Cabell Bryan, from The Blind Elephant in Wilmington is giving us an inside look at some fun, fresh summer drinks you can make for your next party.

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Georgia Juice:

Muddled fresh peaches


Turmeric Tea

Coconut Cream

Fresh orange and lemon juice

Shake and strain into a martini glass with ice, and enjoy!

Bella’s Blues:

Muddled fresh blueberries

Ginger beer

Orange blossom honey syrup

Fresh lemon juice

Strain into a glass, add seltzer, garnish with a mint sprig, drink up and enjoy!

The Blind Elephant¬†is a 1920’s prohibition bar that operates in an alley on Front Street in downtown Wilmington. It features a multitude of elixirs in a cozy atmosphere and hosts live music events regularly.