Wilmington woman finds wedding photos, searching for couple


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) —  A Wilmington woman is trying to track down a married couple. The problem is, the only photos she has of them are about thirty years old.

Wilmington resident Cheryl Ganey found the set of photo slides dated September 13, 1989 in her home on Shawnee Trail.  They feature a mystery bride and groom from the days of big hair and shoulder pads.

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“My husband actually went up to the attic, we’ve been here about four years, never really went all the way up there and he found them,” Ganey said.

Without a projector, Ganey had a hard time seeing the detail of the photos. So we brought one to get a better look.

“I see the bride, she’s got somebody standing by her with a silky bright fuschia pink shirt, and there’s a couple of maybe bridesmaids with like purple or pink dresses,” Ganey said.

Unfortunately there weren’t any clues, other than the word ‘rose.’ Ganey says she’s been doing some digging of her own, trying to find out who used to own the house when the photos were taken.

“I went on to the Register of Deeds and seen who the past owners were, and there was a list of names from the time that’s on the back of these,” Ganey said.

Ganey says she thinks she found the woman who owned the house in 1989 on Facebook, but she hasn’t heard back. However, she isn’t giving up hope.

“If it was me, I would want my pictures back. And not get lost. Because those are memories,” Ganey said.

If you recognize anyone in those photos, reach out to us at 910-763-0979 or by email at newsroom@wwaytv3.com