Rescue squadron asking Brunswick Co. leaders to stay active

Pink Ambulance donated to Coastline VRS (Photo: David Robinson)

Supply, NC (WWAY) — Coastline Volunteer Rescue Squadron is officially not allowed to operate in Brunswick County. This after the county ended its franchise service agreement back in May.

Tuesday, July 22, marked the official end of the Franchise Agreement with Brunswick County and Coastline Volunteer Rescue Squad, Inc. This effectively means that CVRS ceased functioning as an Emergency Medical Services provider within its designated territorial boundaries within the County. Those territories and communities included Holden Beach, Supply, Varnamtown, Boones Neck, Shell Point, Civietown, Royal Oak, Stone Chimney, Sunset Harbor, portions of Bolivia and many communities in between and up to the Columbus County line.

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“While we are regretful that a decision could not be reached to restore this contract prior to the expiration of the previous one, a new Franchise Application has been applied for and we are eagerly awaiting a response from Brunswick County,” said chief David Robinson in a Wednesday news release. “The new application makes no requests for monetary compensation, only an opportunity to be able to continue assisting the community just as we have for the past 43 years.”

Coastline attempted to file an injunction last week on the county to keep the franchise agreement active as both parties worked out a new agreement.

“We have been assured that the County will receive and evaluate any proposal that CVRS may make. Again, our request is to continue service as we have in the past, with no funding from the county, and with no request for exclusivity,” Robinson said.

Coastline officials say a public hearing may be scheduled under the Brunswick County Ordinance with regard to Ambulance Franchise applications. They are asking the community to support this request.