House Speaker joins state lawmakers to tour Fort Fisher & push budget action


FORT FISHER, NC (WWAY) — North Carolina House Speaker Tim Moore joined a group of bi-partisan lawmakers at Fort Fisher Aquarium to discuss the tabled state budget.

Governor Roy Cooper vetoed the Republican budget weeks ago. The spending plan would have given $13 million to the aquarium and Fort Fisher Visitor’s Center for upgrades.

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18 days ago, the governor did return a compromise budget that supported funding all projects including Fort Fisher, but it has not been approved.

Other priorities are on the line including school construction funding, teacher pay and health care services.

“There’s more areas where Republicans and Democrats can agree on these issues, then where we disagree so my focus is to not get hung up on where we disagree,” House Speaker Tim Moore said. “Let’s put that to the side. Let’s get the budget done and then, let’s have a broader discussion about health care in North Carolina.”

“At least from the birds eye view, they are closer on that subject then perhaps either side is willing to admit, but what’s good about what happened today is that it shows bi-partisan support of all those capital projects that exist on all 100 counties in the state,” Natural and Cultural Resources Secretary Susi Hamilton said.

The battle over Medicaid is the issue. The general assembly’s budget did not include funding to expand the program. Until a new budget is passed, the state will continue to operate under last year’s budget.