Western wild horses and burros adoption in the Cape Fear

Wild horses and burros went up for adoption on July 26-27 in Lake Waccamaw (Photo: Kelsie Anderson)

LAKE WACCAMAW (WWAY) — Over the weekend, two truck loads totaling 63 wild horses and burros came to Lake Waccamaw in hopes of being adopted.

The horses up for adoption came from the rangelands in ten western states including Wyoming, Utah, and Nevada.

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Untrained horses had an adoption fee of $25 and trained horses had a minimum fee of $125.

In the West, overpopulated herds of horses can cause damage to the land or even cause accidents on the highway. In an effort to manage that issue, the U.S. Department of the Interior Bureau of Land Management Wild Horse and Burro program made a visit to the Cape Fear.

Many of the horses can be trained to be used for therapy, working cattle, or just to ride on a trail.

Curtis Patrick is a Wild Horse and Burro Program Specialist for the Southeastern States District Office.

Patrick says there are several benefits from adopting the horses.

“One, it makes it makes it a little bit cheaper on the federal government because the animals are not in our feed bill anymore,” Patrick said.  “Plus, it gets these horses out into good homes that are taking care of them, using them, giving the horse a purpose of being there.”

Adopting the horses gives them a chance to be taken out of holding facilities and receive private care from their new owners.

Patrick also says that they are projected to be back at Lake Waccamaw this time next year.